Buckle up!

Safety is a priority in motorsport as well as on ordinary roads. That's why we have developed the new Classic, Tuning and Motorsport seatbelt series. With an emphasis on quality, we bring new designs and colours that will win fans across the motorsport and tuning enthusiast spectrum. These products are without FIA homologation, so their focus is more on hobby, mini-rally or casual driving.

The E8 approval for the Classic belts ensures that this product can also be used on the road for users who value safety and stylish design in everyday use.


Up to 7 different colours give the customer the opportunity to match their style. The E8 approval makes these belts a versatile partner for everyday use in regular traffic or casual motorsport events. The quick-release buckle features softened padding for maximum comfort. The silicone RACES logo is sewn onto the chest straps along with the tightening/release buckles. Fastening is accomplished by screwing the buckles onto the original belt mounts in the body using the included screws. The belt width is 50mm (2")

RACES Tuning Seatbelts

The Tuning belts are an improved version of the Classic series. At 50mm (2") wide, they provide greater comfort with padding on the chest and a buckle to tighten against the side-to-side movement of the belts. The straps are an excellent aid for tightening or loosening the belts, especially when using racing gloves. Available in black, blue, pink, yellow and grey. These belts are not E8 or FIA-approved. 

RACES Motorsport Seatbelts

RACES 76mm (3") top-of-the-range non-homologated sports seat belt. Silicone RACES logos on the chest with comfortable padding. Eye bolt and carabiner attachment along with a quick-release buckle gives a quality feel like similar FIA belts. The chest belts can also be attached to the frame. Tightening straps with attention to detail allow easy handling even when wearing racing gloves. The fifth point is independently removable, so you can also use the belts as a 4-point belt. These belts are not E8 or FIA-approved. 

RACES Limited Edition Seatbelts

Combining the greatest gadgets in one single product. In a limited number of 100 pieces, we have prepared for you unique belts that combine maximum safety, comfort and design. The aqua-green colour contrasts beautifully with the red PULL BEFORE FLIGHT straps and RS logos. These belts incorporate the best of every previous belt series such as a carabiner attachment with the ability to be secured against the vehicle frame, FIA style quick release buckles, a removable 5th point or chest padding along with the ability to be buckled against movement. In this case, the RACES logo is placed on a fabric applique with a special design across the full 76mm (3") width of the belt. These belts are not E8 or FIA-approved. 

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