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If you've found yourself on our site, it means that you have the heart of a motorsport enthusiast in you and you won't settle for stock parts on your car. However, not everyone is willing to invest thousands of euros in a car and make it a racing "monster" that will no longer be suitable for ordinary roads. That's why we bring you a blog about simple, eye- and performance-pleasing modifications that even a novice modifier or garage master can do. 

Replacing the air filter

The most basic modifications to the car certainly include replacing the air filter with a sport filter. Sport air filters ensure maximum air flow to the engine and, thanks to their composition, they do not need to be replaced during a service. These products just need to be clean and impregnated and can be used without problems for the life of the vehicle. In this case, we used a Simota insert in the original airbox. Replacement usually consists of simply removing the box cover and replacing the filter itself which takes 5-20 minutes using basic tools.

For more information on sports filters, check out our BLOG

Strutbar for front shock absorbers

Appearance and functionality are the basic synonyms of strutbars. By joining the damper bowls together, it ensures the stiffness of the front of the vehicle, as due to the small number of joints between the beams, crossing in that area can occur. The strut bar prevents this crossover and therefore gives the vehicle better handling and stiffness. A steel spreader bar was used and installation was completed in 20 minutes. This product installs (in this case) to the original shock mount locations using the original nuts.

Oil additive 

After the purchase of the vehicle comes the oil change. o ensure maximum engine protection and improve lubrication, we use Metabond ECO additive. This product improves engine lubrication and reduces noise and oil consumption. The reduction of knocking noise in diesel engines and the reduction of exhaust emissions are also great benefits.

Wheel spacers

Perhaps none of us likes the sunken wheels in the side panels and the "tram" look. Let your wheels stand out in the wide mudguards of your car with the wheel spacers. In addition to the look, they also improve the handling of the car thanks to the extended axle width. Installation is easy with no special tools required mostly within 30 minutes.

For more detailed information about the pads, please see our BLOG about spacers.


Brake replacement

Any vehicle's performance is useless without well-functioning brakes to hold you up in any situation. We offer OEM replacements for stock brakes that are stock size but provide better stopping power and resistance to the high temperatures created by frequent and prolonged braking from high speeds. For this case we used a proven classic and a combination of two worlds; Rotinger High Performance brake discs and EBC Red Stuff. The discs are more resistant to high temperatures and with their Graphite Line finish provide high corrosion resistance. The special drilling ensures that gases produced during braking are vented and better cooled. Red Stuff brake pads are ceramic, which ensures minimal dusting and thus brake dust fouling of the wheel discs, while providing increased braking performance in every situation. Upgrading your brake system can take as little as 120 minutes using basic tools (in our case). 


Race-shop stickers

Show the world your affection for car modification and buy stylish races/raceshop stickers from us. Installation within 2 minutes.

All of these modifications can be handled by the average experienced car modification fan. However, we recommend a visit to a service centre for professional installation and advice. You can also find most of these and many other parts for your vehicle on our site. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Modified vehicle: BMW E61 530xd

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