Intake modification is one of the basic modifications performed in the tuning world. It is not only about increasing the performance of the vehicle but also about making the engine compartment more attractive, which is especially true for EVENTURI intakes. The patented inverted conical filter technology, wrapped in a stylish and functionally shaped carbon fibre line, ensures that the maximum increase in performance is achieved. The manufacturer quotes an average increase of 10-20 horsepower. The carbon fibre lines and the intake itself (as in the case of the BMW E92 M3) are made using prepreg carbon fibre, which not only graces the engine bay and the intake itself but is also more durable and lighter than the original parts. All of these intakes have their serial number and are a work of art adding a luxurious look and aggressive intake sound. 

Our M5 underwent an EVENTURI product installation where we replaced the original intake and air ducting (rubber elbows) to the turbos.

The installation itself is not difficult and we rate it at difficulty 3/10. The stock filterboxes on the F90 M5 are held in place with just 2 bolts and one clip from the turbo outlet. To loosen them and remove the box where the filter itself is located you need to remove the surrounding plastic and covers.

Once the filter boxes are removed, the turbo inlet elbows, which are only attached by a stainless steel clip and vented from the engine, need to be disconnected and removed. These steps need to be repeated using the same procedure on the opposite side as this is a V8 (twin turbo) engine.

Then we can start installing EVENTURI products. Following the same procedure as for disassembly, we first fit the new carbon turbocharger elbows with the original rubber gasket and stainless steel clip and then we can start the installation.

Once the engine compartment is fitted with the knee tanks, it's turn to insert the heat shields into the open spaces left by the original airboxes. The shields are wrapped in golden thermal insulation to prevent warm air from entering while also directing cold air directly to the EVENTURI filters. 

Repeat this process on both sides. This is followed by sliding the silicone couplings onto the carbon elbows that connect to the filters themselves.

After fitting the carbon filter boxes, we can tighten the silicone couplings on both sides, as well as the holders of the filters themselves. The whole engine bay has now taken on a completely different look and it's time to finish the installation with the last step. 

The package also includes the air duct leading from the radiator grille directly to the filters. This line is the best way to ensure that the intake always has the coolest air possible. To install these components, the radiator grille must be removed. We recommend using plastic pry bars to release the front mask latches and then disconnect the grille. Reinstallation is simple and consists of just gently pushing the mask into its mounts.

Snap on the engine compartment covers and this installation is complete.


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