Races Garage: BMW E63 M6

Drifting is one of the fastest-growing motorsport disciplines in the world, which leads to many interesting projects around the world. We have one of them in Košice, Slovakia.

This is the BMW E63 M6, which has undergone a significant weight reduction procedure and will be powered by a modern, lightweight twin-turbo three-litre S55 engine instead of the original V10 S85 engine. As you can see, the car is currently in a "compact" version but the missing parts will soon be replaced by carbon-kevlar parts, which are extremely light but also very flexible and supple, which is a great advantage in a contact sport like drifting. Carbon-kevlar is very durable and flexible, which means that the part will bend when it hits a wall or an opponent's vehicle, but will return to its original position when the pressure is released. Also, the repair is very simple. The whole car has been sanded down and painted in OEM BMW Black Sapphire Metallic paint after reducing the weight.

Powering the vehicle will be an engine codenamed S55B30, sourced from the 2015 BMW F80 M3, with a base output of 431bhp. A software modification to 550-600+ horsepower is planned, as the car will be equipped with a custom exhaust system, air intake and Mishimoto cooling. An enlarged charge-cooler will keep the water-cooled intercooler temperatures to a minimum resulting in significantly improved performance. Torque output will be transmitted to the wheels by a 6-speed DCT transmission controlled by an HTG sequential shifter and management and via a carbon driveshaft and M6 limited-slip differential (LSD). 

An aluminum water cooler from a BMW F10 M5 with a 1000W OEM electric fan was used for water cooling. The original water pump was removed from the engine and replaced with a Davies Craig electric pump installed under the car with 150l/min flow rate and AN16 connections running under the car via aluminium tubing

The electric water pump lightens the engine considerably and can be easily controlled manually or automatically by setting maximum and minimum temperatures. This device can also be used in combination with the stock water pump in case the car has cooling problems, which is certainly not the case here. 

The chassis equipment is provided by BC-Racing coilovers with modified spring loads for maximum grip along with an IRP lock-kit, that will be specifically designed for this application. Powerflex black-series bushings and rear adjustable Silver project arms complete the chassis components. Without the adjustable arms, it would be impossible to set up aggressive camber and positive camber. 

Why the positive wheel deflection, you may ask? For maximum grip, soft springs are used at the rear which ensures that the weight of the car is transferred to the rear when accelerating in a skid and therefore the shape of the rear geometry changes under throttle. This ensures that the tyres have a perfect grip and even wear. 

This tire eater will certainly be no fuel-saver. That's why an FIA-approved PYROTECT fuel tank was installed in the space behind the passenger side, along with a 3-pump panel, filter and fittings from Nuke Performance. Fuel management will be done via Teflon PTFE hoses and Races fittings, which are resistant to external influences and racing fuels.

Comfort and safety are ensured by the FIA-approved Races RS-PRO 1 sports seat together with the FIA 6-point Races harness. A fire extinguishing system is also among the mandatory equipment. A lightweight, electric RRS OPTIFIREX system has been used in this vehicle. The advantage of these systems is that at the push of a button, a massive quantity of extinguishing agent is released on the engine and interior in the event of a fire, protecting both the crew and the vehicle from burns or complete combustion. 

Since most pro drift championships require 265-285 R18 tyres, Japan Racing JR32 wheels with 10.5" width had to be used.

The car is currently under construction and is being worked on to run during the 2023 season. You can follow the progress of the build HERE. We'll be sure to bring you more information in the near future.

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