Recipe for success - BMW E92 2JZ

Our goal is to supply everyday people and garage modifiers with the parts to make their and their customer's dreams come true. Whether it's simple additions like window deflectorssport air filters or more drastic modifications like forged pistons and connecting rods we strive to meet everyone's needs. 

New video from Dj Lucky Boy was released a few days ago (FURT BOKEM) about his E92 with 2JZ engine, in which you will find what news we have prepared for his car and what else he is planning with this build, which will hit the tracks in our colors this year.

Fittings are the essence of any build whether a rally or drift car. They are durable and modular joining of rubber or Teflon hoses to the engine parts at different angles or diameters. These products can withstand high pressures and aggressive substances, making them ideal for use on high-performance vehicles.

Power also introduces high temperatures within the engine compartment, resulting in an increased amount of stress on hoses and cables. A simple solution is the use of heat insulating sleeves. Among the most commonly used are Velcro thermal insulations due to their ease of installation and price, or silicone thermal insulating sleeves with the RACES logo, which provide maximum thermal protection in all conditions.


The opposite temperature spectrum is handled by the intercooler. The product that cools the compressed air coming out of the turbocharger. Cooler air is denser, i.e. it has a higher oxygen content for the same volume. Such cooled air has a positive effect on the combustion process, which, among other benefits, results in higher performance. The intercooler is most often placed in the front of the vehicle. The abbreviation FMIC (Front Mounted Intercooler) is used for this location. Other placement options are SMIC (Side Mounted Intercooler) or TMIC (Top Mounted Intercooler). In this case, the guys at Furt Bokem used an FMIC-type intercooler.

The Ecumaster PMU16 is a device that completely eliminates the fuse box and relay in the vehicle wiring. It is a fully-programmable model that has multiple setup options such as sequential switching between connected devices, restarting the device in the event of a fault or surge in the system, shutting down the device when voltage is lost, and an LED indicator for all outputs. The PMU greatly simplifies wiring and reduces weight.

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Recipe for success - BMW E92 2JZ

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