Brake hoses are a very important part of any hydraulic brake system.  They serve to transport hydraulic pressure to the brake calipers/cylinders and as a flexible connection between them and the fixed brake pipes. In the automotive industry, special rubber and steel for the end caps are most commonly used for their manufacture. These hoses have multi-layered rubber walls with a textile braid inside to increase resistance to high operating pressures. The disadvantage of this material is that they still expand (inflate) as the pressure increases. Also, the elasticity of the rubber gradually degrades, hardening and eventually cracking. This can result in leaks in the brake system, trapping of moisture in the brake fluid or, in extreme cases, brake failure. It is also common for the rubber brake hose to crack from the inside and prevent the brake fluid from flowing smoothly, resulting in the brake piston locking and subsequent overheating of the brakes.




A very effective alternative to conventional rubber hoses are Teflon hoses, with an outer protective stainless steel braid. The inner material is a very durable and strong PTFE Teflon and the outer braid is stainless steel (303/304).  Stainless steel is also used to make the end caps.  For many manufacturers, it is still possible to add a thin-coloured silicone layer to the outer braid, allowing you to individualise the hoses in colour with the rest of the vehicle.

Advantages of Teflon hoses:

- Better brake pedal response, better modulation and sensitivity

- More intense braking (increases braking intensity by 10-25%)

- Elimination of "soft" brake pedal feeling

- Reliability and durability

- Easy direct replacement with stock hoses without additional intervention

- Possibility of colour individualisation


- There are hardly any disadvantages, perhaps only a slightly higher price, which is certainly redeemed by the benefits


The best-known manufacturer of these components is the English company HEL Performance, whose offer can also be found in our assortment. They have been manufacturing brake hoses since 1985. Their many years of experience in the field are a guarantee of precise quality and safety.  Their product range is really wide and they are able to adapt their products to individual motorsport requirements.  The complete kits for individual vehicles are a direct replacement for the original hoses, there is no need to modify anything. However, it is important to specify the VIN number of the vehicle they will be fitted to when ordering to ensure compatibility with the specific vehicle's braking system.

Another well-known manufacturer in our offer is EBC Brakes, also an English manufacturer, which offers not only brake hoses, but primarily very high-quality brake discs and pads.


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