What gift to choose for a tuning enthusiast?

Christmas is around the corner and you don't know what to choose for your loved ones? We will be happy to help you choose what will surely please your spouse or family member. 

You can't go wrong with a simple and universal gift. Such products certainly include car scentsgloves or Sparco branded wheel covers.

The pleasant scent of bubblegum, strawberry or new car that lasts up to 60 days to brighten up the interior of your car is sure to please. Made with 100% organic fragrance oils in 3 pressed linseed cubes. The intensity controller can be used to adjust the strength of the fragrance ensuring a pleasant aroma release whether in the vehicle or in the home.

Work gloves of various brands that can be used by the recipient both at home and when working on the car in the garage. Comfort and maximum durability are guaranteed by Sparco or Würth.

Spruce up the drab look of your wheels with stylish Sparco wheel covers. Just find out the diameter of the metal discs of the person you want to gift and you got yourself a suitable present for them. Installation in a matter of minutes ensures that even an inexperienced driver can handle the use of these covers. You can add a set of universal floor mats to your order of covers, which are an ideal accessory in the winter season.

Thermo-insulating tape for downpipes and exhaust containing ceramic fibres. Maintains high exhaust gas temperature, helping to flush the cylinders better and, in the case of turbo engines, to spin the turbo faster. Adds aesthetic enrichment to the engine compartment. For more information about the product, please see our blog.

Thanks to the brake caliper colour and paint you will give your car a very distinctive and sporty look. The product permanently protects the surface of the brake caliper and is resistant to dirt, chemicals and corrosion. It can withstand the high temperatures generated by braking and has a long-lasting shine.

More air brings more fun. Gift your loved one with a sport air filter and bring them more power and a more aggressive intake sound.

A dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree is a nightmare of every driver. Keep an eye on all the readings before they surprise you with additional RACES gauges

Anyone who takes part in race weekends will certainly be pleased with a proper sports seat equipped with FIA homologation, which is a guarantee of high quality. Flame-retardant materials, perfect lateral guidance and the right seating position will guarantee the best experience for every ride. 

For more ideas, visit Christmas 2022.

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What gift to choose for a tuning enthusiast?

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