Air filter which saves money and increases performance.

Among other things, basic servicing on a vehicle includes changing the air filter. The filter is an automotive component that ensures that the engine gets the same volume of clean air into the intake and onto the combustion chamber at all times. If this filter is clogged or damaged, it can restrict the airflow or even draw in more dirt, resulting in adverse effects on the engine's functionality. This can result in increased fuel consumption, irregular operation or ultimately engine damage.

Paper, cotton or foam filters. 

Most production vehicles are equipped with a paper filter, which meets all the filtration requirements of the vehicle but does not allow as much air through as sport filters due to its design and limitations of the vehicle manufacturer. Such a filter has to be replaced with a new one at every service, which costs the vehicle owner's wallet quite a bit and is not environmentally friendly either.

For most vehicles, a cotton or foam filter can be purchased that will directly replace the paper filter without any further modification required.

Thanks to their structure, foam filters ensure the perfect filtration of dirt while maintaining maximum air permeability. They are mostly used in dusty environments. Several manufacturers, such as Pipercross or Ramair, use different types of foam filter material on the filter liner in combination with a durable stainless steel skeleton and rubber, ensuring that no dust particles get into the engine. These filters ensure maximum vehicle performance within its setup, ideal throttle response, and a pleasing engine intake sound.

Cotton filters allow the most air through, considering the above types while retaining the same filtration properties as stock, paper inserts. This type of filter is used by the best-known intake customizers such as K&N, Simota. Most cotton filters come impregnated with an oil that traps even the finest dust particles and prevents them from entering the engine. Cotton stacked in various textures along with fine stainless steel weave ensures a solid filter form. The combination of these materials encased in a durable rubber shell ensures a tight seal in the vehicle's original air box. Like the foam filters, the cotton filters ensure maximum airflow, quick throttle response and crisp intake sound.

Foam and cotton inserts can be used indefinitely or until the filter surface is physically damaged. Because of the ability to impregnate and clean these filters, you will maintain maximum functionality even after several years of use, saving not only the environment but also your money.

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Air filter which saves money and increases performance.

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