Exhaust flaps - a sporty sound in the coat of a stock exhaust.

Every motorsport enthusiast craves the beautiful and penetrating sound of their car, but on longer journeys it can be distracting. Fortunately, we have a product that can combine the look of a stock exhaust with the ability to open it up and achieve that sporty sound.

What is an exhaust flap?

As the name suggests, it is a flap (valve) in the exhaust system that opens or closes when the remote control or vacuum/pressure is pressed, allowing the exhaust gases to be directed directly out of the tailpipe or through the part of the system without mufflers, resulting in a radical change in sound. 

Many carmakers have been using this system for decades on production cars by closing off one part of the exhaust, for example on cold start. In recent years, it has become a hit and car enthusiasts are installing these products to their exhaust systems themselves.

The most popular and demanded flaps are electric flaps, which are opened by pressing a switch or button on the controller. The flap valve module opens or closes, causing the sound to change. There are also vacuum/pressure flaps, which open depending on the pressure/vacuum, for example, in the intake. Not all of these flaps can be controlled manually and can be found in a number of production vehicles (such as the BMW E36 328i)

The flap can be installed with a short output exhoust, directly from the opening point between the catalytic converter and the first muffler, resulting in a significant change in sound. The disadvantage, however, is the fumes escaping in the middle of the vehicle.

The most ideal method of installation is by using a separate branch pipe that bypasses all dampers and exits to the flap. This way, a clear and penetrating sound can be achieved while maintaining the functionality of the exhaust tailpipes.

Before purchasing the product, it is necessary to select the correct diameter according to the diameter of the exhaust system in the area where the damper is to be installed.

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Exhaust flaps - a sporty sound in the coat of a stock exhaust.

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Very good quality and fast shipping, exactly as described.

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