Replacing the steering wheel with a sports steering wheel is considered one of the basic modifications to the car. Designed to keep your vehicle under control while giving the driver true feedback on vehicle handling. Compared to stock steering wheels, they offer a more compact design, better materials and workmanship, thus transmitting more information to the driver ensuring maximum driving comfort. The primary advantage is better manoeuvrability and handling. Disadvantages include the removal of the airbag (on newer airbag-equipped cars). You can choose from a variety of diameters, offsets and surface types. Quality metal or carbon 2-arm or 3-arm designs in a variety of shapes. The hoop surface can be of different materials such as suede, leather, wood or polyurethane. Most steering wheels are supplied with screws and wiring to connect the horn.


  • comfortable surface

  • non-slip properties

  • gloves recommended (when using gloves, we recommend gloves with a fabric palm surface)

  • susceptible to dirt

  • the most widely used surface type in motorsport


  • no need to use gloves (when using gloves, we recommend a silicone palm surface)

  • high resistance to dirt

  • ideal surface for hobby racing or everyday use


  • design accessory

  • retro look

  • gloves recommended

To install the steering wheel, you need to use a sports steering wheel hub. This adapter is vehicle specific and reduces the multi-teeth end of the steering column to the steering wheel PCD (6x70mm/ 6x75mm).

In the event of vehicle entering difficulties due to the frame of the wheel, or other difficulties, a removable steering wheel hub adapter can be used, allowing the steering wheel to be removed prior to entry/exit. However, the overall offset of this assembly from the original steering wheel location must be taken into account as all of these adapters and the steering wheels have some height.

RACES steering wheels went through major changes for the 2022 edition, offering a thicker steering wheel rim along with new, more sophisticated materials such as suede and leather. Every user will be pleased with the sturdiness, resistance to bending, or new designs such as Camo or Apex.