Wheel spacers

What is a wheel spacer?

It is a product, made of durable and lightweight duralumin, which is installed between the vehicle's hub and wheel. Attachment to the disc is made with extended bolts or, in the case of threaded spacers/studs, with the original bolts or nuts.

The advantage of wheel spacers is a wider wheelbase which helps to improve vehicle stability and handling. There is also a visual improvement and a reduction in ET. The wheel slides out more towards the edge of the fender giving the car a more assertive stance and a better look. The spacers also resolve issues where the disc makes contact with the shock absorber or brake.

All spacers are manufactured to a maximum precision of 0.05mm which ensures correct wheel alignment and a comfortable, vibration-free ride.

What thickness of spacer do I need?

The easiest way to find out what thickness of spacer you will need is to measure the distance of the rim/rubber from the fender. Considering that the chassis of the vehicle is constantly moving while in operation, it is advisable to subtract 0.5cm from the measured dimension to avoid the fender touching the tyre. Different widths of spacers can be used on the vehicle between the axles. It is also not a requirement that if you use spacers on one axle, you must use them on the other axle.

We offer transition spacers, threaded spacers and spacers with studs.

Classic TRANSITION spacers are installed by placing them on the hub and then fitting the wheel to that axle. They are tightened with elongated bolts that pass through the disc, spacer, and up to the original thread in the wheel hub. Most of the time, the bolt is extended exactly the thickness of the washer, compared to standard bolts.

THREADED spacers are made of duralumin (PA6), just like the other spacer types. There is a thread in the washer that is firmly embedded in the body of the washer to prevent it from pulling out. Using the included bolts/nuts, the product is installed on the wheel hub. The disc is then mounted onto the washer and using the original screws, it is secured against the washer.

The spacers with STUDS are similar to the ones with the THREAD, with the difference being that once they are installed, the studs stick out of the spacer onto which the wheel is mounted, and this can then be tightened using the original nuts.

We also offer universal (suitable for car transporters/trolleys) and spacers for PCD conversion, which allow you to install OEM wheels from other manufacturers of vehicles onto different vehicle brands. (e.g. 5x120 wheels to install on 5x112 wheelbase vehicles)

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