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EGR removal plug with gaskets suitable for Mercedes 2.2 CDI OM651

EGR removal kit used to blank the original equipment (OE) EGR valve.

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EGR removal kit used to blank the original equipment (OE) EGR valve.

The EGR valve reduces the pollutant content of the exhaust gases by allowing you to determine the amount of flue gases into the intake. However, diesel oil is very greasy, and the EGR is often blocked, consequently reducing the passage of the entire suction tract of the engine. There is a decrease of performance and increase of smoke.

This kit contains the gaskets and the plug to blank the original EGR valve.

Note : after blanking, the EGR system should be removed by software, because an error will be displayed on the dashboard



MERCEDES with engines CDI :
E 320 CDI 07-09,
GL 320 CDI 05-08
GL 350 CDI 05-08
ML 280 CDI 05-11
ML 300 CDI 05-11
ML 320 CDI 05-08
ML 350 CDI 05-08
R 320 CDI 05-08
R 350 CDI 05-08


Replacement part / OEM codes / Manufacturer note:


Mercedes-BenzE 320 CDI3.2 CDI 07-09
Mercedes-BenzGL 320 CDI3.2 CDI 05-08
Mercedes-BenzGL 350 CDI3.5 CDI 05-08
Mercedes-BenzML 280 CDI2.8 CDI 05-11
Mercedes-BenzML 300 CDI3.0 CDI 05-11
Mercedes-BenzML 320 CDI3.2 CDI 05-08
Mercedes-BenzML 350 CDI3.5 CDI 05-08
Mercedes-BenzR 320 CDI3.2 CDI 05-08
Mercedes-BenzR 350 CDI3.5 CDI 05-08
Rated 10.08.2023
OM651 EGR block-off

Fits perfectly great product!

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