Set of 2psc wheel spacers for BMW - 15mm (with long bolt), 5X120, 72,6mm


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Otázka k produktu

Otázka k produktu

Set of 2psc wheel spacers for BMW - 15mm (with long bolt), 5X120, 72,6mm

Set of 2psc wheel spacers for BMW - 15mm (with long bolt), 5X120, 72,6mm

Wheel spacer PCD: 5X120, centre bore: 72,6mm

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Set of 2psc wheel spacers for BMW - 15mm (with long bolt), 5X120, 72,6mm

Set of 2psc wheel spacers for BMW - 15mm (with long bolt), 5X120, 72,6mm

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Wheel spacer PCD: 5X120, centre bore: 72,6mm

Price for 2pcs of Wheel spacers (for one axle) together with installation hardware (nuts or bolts) depending on vehicle.

The spacers are installed by placing on the wheel hub. They are fastened with longer screws that pass through the wheel, the washer up to the original thread in the wheel hub (longer screws included).

Is recommended professional installation!


Please write the vehicle model in the note down 


Width: 15mm per site ( 30mm total widening of axle)

Material: dural PA6

Center bore: 72,6mm

PCD: 5X120

Screws in the package: M12x1,5x45 / M14x1,5x45 / M14x1,25x45




BMW 1-Series E81, E82, E87, E88 (182, 187, 1K2, 1K4, 1C)

BMW 1-Series F20, F21 (1K2, 1K4)

BMW 2-Series F22 (1C), incl. X-Drive, M235i Coupe

BMW M3 E30 (E30 M3)

BMW 3-Series E36 (3B, 3/B, 3C, 3/C, 3CG, M3B, M/3B)

BMW 3-Series E46 (346L/C/R/X)

BMW 3-Series E46 Compact (346K)

BMW M3 E46 (M346)

BMW 3-Series E90, E91 (390L, 3K, 3L) - Limousine, Touring / Sedan, Station wagon

BMW 3-Series E92, E93 (392C,3C), Coupe, Cabrio

BMW M3 E90, 92, 93 (M390)

BMW 3-Series F30, F31 (3L, 3K)

BMW 3-Series GT F34 (3-V), X-Drive

BMW 4er / 4-Series F32, F33 (3C), Cabrio

BMW M4 F82, F83 (M3), Coupe, Cabrio

BMW 5-Series E28 (5/1), 518-535i

BMW 5-Series E34 (5/H), 520-535i

BMW 5-Series E60, E61 (560L)

BMW M5 E60, E61 (M560, M5)

BMW 5-Series E60 (560X)

BMW 5-Series GT F07 (GT) - only rear wheel drive

BMW 5-Series F10, F11 (5L, 5K)

BMW 6-Series E24 (6/1)

BMW 6-Series E63, E64 (663C), M, Coupe, Cabrio

BMW M6-Series E63, E64 (M560), Coupe, Cabrio

BMW M6 (M5/M6) F13, F12, Coupe, Cabrio

BMW 7-Series E32 (7/1)

BMW 7-Series E38 (7/G)

BMW 7-Series E65 (765)

BMW 7-Series F01, F02 (701, 7L)

BMW 8-Series 850i E31 (8/E)

BMW Z3 E37 (R/C)


BMW Z4 E85 (Z85), Coupe, Roadster

BMW Z4 E89 (Z89, ZR)

BMW Z8 (Z52)

BMW X1 E84 (X1)

BMW X3 E83 (X83)

BMW X3 F25 (X3), incl. xDrive

BMW X5 E53 (X53)



All Wheel spacers are manufactured with maximum accuracy within tolerances up to 0.05mm, which ensures correct wheel centering and comfortable ride without vibration.
Available in classic, threaded and with studs.

  • The THREADED spacers are made of duralumin (PA6) as well as other wheel spacers. The thread is firmly inserted into the body of the spacer to prevent tearing.
  • Spacers with STUDS are similar to those with a THREAD, but after installation there are studs on which the wheel is attached by nuts. The nuts are included in the package.

The advantage of the wheel spacers is a wider wheelbase that helps improve vehicle stability and better handling. Improvements are also made on the visual side and ET reduction. The wheel extends further to the edge of the fender, giving the car a more resolute stance and a more refined look.

Nyomtávszélesitő 15mm

Teljesen jó a termék, simán megy az auto vele, és nagyon jó, hogy ilyen könnyű anyag.

    Pe Bé 03/04/2021
    Pe Bé

    A megrendelt termék, méretpontos! Maximálisan jó termék!!!

      symon 07/22/2019
      Szett 2db nyomtávszélesítők BMW - 15mm (hosszabb csavarokk

      Profi a termék!!!

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