Powertrain Gear Oil KAAZ 80W- 90



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Powertrain gear oil suitable for limited slip differential, manual transmission and final drive.

Viscosity: 80W- 90

Capacity: 2L

Type: premium mineral (do not recommend syntheric oil)


Why can't I use synthetic oil for my limited slip differential?

When using synthetic fluids, we found during testing minor deposits of film residue on the surface of the clutch discs. This actually causes the friction plates to slip abruptly, translating into more noise and chattering.


How often should I change out my differential oil?

It depends, our recommendation for street vehicles rarely driven on tracks should be changed every 5000- 8000km or every other motor oil change.


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    KAAZ Manufacturers


    very good 

    good looking wire,material looks strong . i'll tell you more after the ride.


    very good stuff


    Easy to install, good look and wofks fine!


    There is no manual for the regulator, also no info on the product itself. So...

    It's great for this price! 

    For being a cheap steering wheel obviously you get what you pay for fit...

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