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  • Gauges and holders
  • steering wheels

    Steering wheels


    Changing the steering wheel  is one of the basic car modifications. Designed to keep your vehicle under control while giving you feedback on how your vehicle is handling. Compared to the standard steering wheel, there is more compact design, better materials and handling, thus delivering more information to the driver, ensuring maximum driving comfort. The advantage is better performance and handling. The drawbacks include removing the airbag (with newer cars equipped with an airbag). Variety of diameters, offsets and surface types are available for you to choose. The center 2-arm or 3-arm construction is composed from either high quality metal or carbon-fiber of various shapes. The material of the loop may be of various materials, such as suede, leather, wood or polyurethane. Most of the steering wheels are equipped with a horn. Screw pitch for attachment - 6x70mm / 6x75mm.



    • comfortable surface

    • anti-skid features

    • use of gloves recommended (we recommend gloves with a cloth surface on the palm)

    • prone to dirt



    • no need to use gloves (we recommend gloves with a silicone surface on the palm)

    • resistance to dirt

    • ideal for hobby races and daily use



    • design accessory

    • use of gloves recommended

  • Steering wheel hubs
  • Sport seats

    Sport seats


    Sports seats as a design accessory or professional motorsport gear. In our offer you will find comfortable, design seats designed especially for standard cars or race seats without or with FIA homologation.


    Sport seats without FIA homologation


    • ideal for stock or hobby racing car

    • bigger shoulder padding for better holding of a body

    • allow to use multi-point harness

    • low weight (in the case of non-adjustable seats)

    • adjustable lumbar support for ideal comfort (in the case of adjustable seats)

    • sliding rails guarantee ideal seating

    • materials available: EKO leather, suede, cloth

    • choice of different colors and brands, such as Sparco, Bride and Races

    • seat chassis: fiberglass, steel, carbon, kevlar


    Sport seats with FIA homologation


    • the mendatory equipment of each racing car

    • big shoulder padding for better holding of a body

    • low weight

    • high security due to solid construction and exceptional quality

    • made of flame retardant materials

    • FIA homologation 8855-1999 (valid for 5 years)

    • allow the use of multi-point harness

    • enable HANS systems to be used

    • side mounting (290mm)

    • choice of different colors and brands, such as Sparco, Bride and Races

    • seat chassis: fiberglass, steel, carbon, kevlar


    What is FIA homologation?


    FIA-branded products ensure that consumers receive and experience the premium performance, quality and safety provided by FIA's worldwide network of interested and proactive FIA members as an affiliate.

    Since its founding in 1904, it has been representing the interests of motoring organizations and motor vehicle users around the world. It is also the governing facility of motorsport around the world. The FIA is a non-profit organization that brings together 222 national motoring organizations from 130 countries on five continents. On issues of safety, mobility, environment and consumer rights, the FIA actively promotes the interests of motorists within the United States (US), within the European Union and other international bodies


    Which seat to choose? (with FIA or without)


    If you deciding  between a gear WITH or WITHOUT FIA, it's important to consider what kind of race you want to go through. Whether amateur racing or a professional event covered by an organization that requires a certain level of safety for its drivers. It is important to know in advance what technical equipment a given race or racing series requires and decide accordingly. Surely you need to look at the issue in the long run, whether you want to make some progress in your career and to get to larger events where FIA equipment is a matter of course. However, if you are only thinking about recreational driving of amateur races, it is sufficient for you to choose gear WITHOUT FIA approval. Keep in mind, that saving on your safety is dangerous.

  • Seatbelts and accessories
  • Shifter knobs
  • Short shifter
  • Toggle switches
  • Switch panels
  • Sprays and window tint
  • Other products
  • Fire extinguishers and accessories
  • Pedals and accessories
  • Footrests and flooring
  • Interior pins and clamps
  • Head rests
  • Car floor mats
  • Roll bar protection
  • Intercom
  • Helmet hooks and nets
  • Window nets
  • Spare wheel accessories
  • Car boot liner
  • Sound insulation
  • LED panels

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