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Delivery free EBC brakes Front kit EBC PDKF2159 - Discs Premium OE + brake pads Ultimax OE | races-shop.com View larger
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Front kit EBC PDKF2159 - Discs Premium OE + brake pads Ultimax OE


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EBC brakes

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The emergency situation does not affect the delivery of this product.

Set 2pcs (pair) EBC brakes discs. D774 and set of pads DP880
Ultimax OE:


Ultimax2 ™

The radical provided Eco Ultimax plate.

  • ideal brake plates for daily use
  • R90 certification
  • includes "brake-in" layer for immediate braking effect after installation
  • 100% eco friendly composition free of sulfides
  • výrazný braking and cold
  • equal braking of cold and hot



    Premium OE:


    EBC manufacture the vast majority of its automotive rotors including Premium brake rotors in the UK or Europe. Outside these sources where castings or finished rotors have to be bought in to complement the range, the strictest quality controls are applied to ensure the safety and quality of the parts we sell. We source only highest quality parts from well known and proven OEM manufacturer vendors and we are responsible for and guarantee those parts to fit and perform as expected. All suppliers of castings for the EBC group are ISO approved to the highest specification and have been visited and approved by the German TUV authorities.

    EBC then adds value to its products by strictest quality controls and specifications and a 100% run out and dimensional check, including element analysis, surface finish and hardness tests on every batch and runout inspection . All sport rotors are slotted and grooved at the Las Vegas facility of the USA operation or at our new Northampton rotor facility employing 32 staff which has recently been enhanced to have its own QC department, machining and testing facilities and a new Nitrotherm anti corrosion coating plant.We also do all we can to embrace US employment and in our US facilities we employ 14 people in our rotor machining facility alone.

    Black thermic coated discs are being phased in. As stocks rotate you will no longer receive zinc coated discs, you will receive black ones.All EBC Premium Brake Rotors or discs are cast to a material strength of 150 N/m2 with a tightly controlled surface hardness variation less than 20 HB and are precision CNC machined to a surface tolerance of less than 0.05 mm. That is two thousandths of an inch. For this reason EBC recommends a maximum runout of fitted rotors of 0.1 mm or .004 inches (4 thousandths) TIR which means total indicator reading on a dial gauge.


    Diameter: 280 mm

    Total Height: 51 mm

    Thickness New/ Min: 26/24 mm

    Number of bolt holes: 5

    Type: Vented

    This kit contains

    VOLVO8502.0 10v94-97ATE
    VOLVO8502.0 20v94-97ATE
    VOLVO8502.3 Turbo T-593-97ATE
    VOLVO8502.3 Turbo T-5R95-97ATE
    VOLVO8502.5 TD95-97ATE
    VOLVO8502.5 Turbo 4WD96-97ATE
    VOLVOC702.0 Turbo99-2005178kATE
    VOLVOC702.4 Turbo2000-2005190kATE
    VOLVOC702.4 Turbo97-98190kATE
    VOLVOC702.4 Turbo99-2000190kATE
    VOLVOS702.0 Turbo97-98ATE
    VOLVOS702.0 Turbo98-2000ATE
    VOLVOS702.4 4WD97-2000ATE
    VOLVOS702.4 Turbo (4WD)96-2000ATE
    VOLVOS702.4 Turbo97-98ATE
    VOLVOS702.4 Turbo99-2000ATE
    VOLVOS702.5 TD97-98ATE
    VOLVOS702.5 TD99-2000ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2,597-2000ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2.097-98ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2.098-2000ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2.4 4x498-99ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2.496-98ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2.499-2000ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2.4 Turbo 4WD96-2000ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2.4 Turbo97-98ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2.4 Turbo99-2000ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2.5 TD97-98ATE
    VOLVOV70 (Mk1)2.5 TD99-2000ATE
    VOLVOV70 XC2.4 Turbo97-98ATE
    VOLVOV70 XC2.4 Turbo99-2000ATE

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