Mazda RX-7 FD RACE spec.


The story of this Mazda began 11 years ago in Slovakia, the current owner and the car found each other across the English Channel. Back then it was a slightly modified, but still more or less original right-hand drive version of the beautiful, nowadays rare Mazda RX-7, generation FD. In Slovakia, however, there were other plans for it.


The Mazda's fate was designated to the race tracks, so after a few amateur events, it was clear that the RX-7 would undergo several modifications in the near future. It started with basic safety features, the fitment of a protective frame and conversion to left-hand drive.  As a bonus, it received a new white paint job. The engine has already brought a few modifications from the U.K. It already had a single turbo kit and a modified intake system with a larger intrecooler. For a better overview of the important measured values and indicators (temperature, oil and fuel pressure...) the DEPO gauges from our offer were tastefully installed in the original instrument cluster and dashboard. No expense has been spared on the chassis either, and the TEIN coilovers have found their place here as well, aided in their excellent driving characteristics by POWERFLEX bushings. Safe braking is ensured by new front four-piston calipers with large two-piece discs. The stock clutch has also been replaced by a ceramic sprung clutch with a lightened flywheel.


Thus armed Mazda then made the owner and spectators happy at many events in Slovakia and in neighbouring countries, until the engine decided to end its career.  Since it was time for a complete overhaul of the engine, there was room for minor modifications. The engine was completely resealed, and the damaged engine "housings" were replaced by new ones, which have already received slightly enlarged and modified intake and exhaust ports. The fuel system has also been modified, the original fuel lines have been replaced by Teflon hoses, not only because of the necessary supply of more fuel but also for safety reasons. Stable fuel pressure for these modifications was provided by WALBRO pumps with an AEROMOTIVE adjustable fuel regulator. Due to the extreme temperatures, the exhaust system was completely wrapped in THERMOTEC branded thermo-isolation tapes and the floor around the exhaust was treated with self-adhesive insulation sheets due to the increased temperatures as well.


This evolution of the engine has endured some respectably sharp and demanding seasons, unfortunately, at one race at Slovakiaring, fatal destruction of the APEX rotor seals occurred. These seals are supposed to maintain engine compression between the individual chambers. So another rebuild was in order. After gathering experience, in addition to the engine repair, other modifications were continued in search of performance but also greater reliability. This time, the engine received completely new "housings", with even larger ports. The rotors were also modified, receiving special more durable performance APEX seals. With the new turbo and the larger TURBOSMART external wastegate, the plan was to force as much air as possible. Due to this, a reorganization of the radiators was necessary in order to have the best possible cool air supply. So the intercooler, with the help of silicone hoses and aluminium pipes from our offer, was repositioned to make room for the new, larger, KOYORAD aluminium water radiator. For even greater cooling efficiency, we supplied this Mazda with a special EVANS cooling compound with a higher boiling point. Then, of course, there's the large SIMOTA open air filter.


More air in the engine automatically asks for more fuel, the Wankel is no exception to this. Its enormous appetite is satisfied by the largest fuel injectors available and the extremely powerful AEROMOTIVE fuel pump. The fuel now also has its cooling, thanks to the auxiliary MISIHIMOTO aftercooler at the rear of the car, under the bumper. The command of the entire combustion process has been taken over by the fully programmable LiNK ECU. 

Thanks to these components and a clever programmer, the engine is currently tuned to 433bhp at 1.3bar of boost pressure, with it ready to blow 1.5 to 1.7bar.

During these mainly technical modifications, the owner also decided to improve the visuals a bit, and so the RX gets a complete new wide-body kit, which makes the car look even more aggressive.

In conclusion, we are glad that the Mazda owner decided to buy components in our shop and we wish him a lot of motoring success behind the wheel of this unique Mazda RX-7 FD.


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