RaceChip S Citroen, Peugeot 1560ccm 92HP


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Hp with the chip:


  • 110HP (+18HP)
  • 258Nm (+43Nm)


-RaceChips basic model for an affordable price.

-boost performance up to 20%

-increases torque up to 20%

-reduction of consumption by up to 1l/100km.

-ARM Cortex-M3 processor

-product package made from composite materials

-5-level adjustment

-device equipped with FCI prograde connector

-easy installation

Since 1994 RaceChip® is an automotive software modification company with add-on units . These additional units are installed between the motor and the ECU. The function of this product is to receive and evaluate control unit signals (several thousand times per second), and then modify them to increase and optimize performance. Installation is very simple (within 10-15min.) and without loss of warranty for new vehicles. The company's products do not interfere with the basic system of the car, which keeps all the original functions active. RaceChip® is TÜV certified since 2009.

CitroënBerlingo2008-1.6 HDi 9092K215Nm
CitroënBerlingo2008-1.6 HDi 9292K215Nm
CitroënC3 (Picasso) (II)2009-1.6 HDi 9092K230Nm
CitroënDS32009-20151.6 HDi 9092K230Nm
Peugeot2072006-1.6 HDi 9092K230Nm
PeugeotPartner Kasten/Tepee2008-1.6 HDi 9092K215Nm
PeugeotPartner Kasten/Tepee2008-1.6 eHDi 9092K230Nm

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