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Rear brake drums Rotinger OEM replacement, 6655

Set of Rotinger brake drums for the rear axle. Rotinger brake drums are designed with safety and durability in mind, they guarantee high braking performance in all conditions.

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RT 6655   


Set of Rotinger brake drums for the rear axle. Rotinger brake drums are designed with safety and durability in mind, they guarantee high braking performance in all conditions.

In most contemporary cars brake drums are installed only at the rear axle and they play a complementary role. The use-up is very slow and many drivers tend to forget their existence. The situation changes when the driver utilises their car fully loaded by passengers or load.

The answer to drivers' needs is ROTINGER brake drums – they prove best also if they have to work fully loaded.



  • Diameter: 234mm
  • Height: 76mm


Technical information:

This package contains 1 brake drum. For one axle, you need to purchase 2 pcs (automatically added to cart).

  • Axle: Rear
  • Additional information: -



In order to verify the suitability of this product with your vehicle, please check the "Application" tab.


ROTINGER brand includes brake drums meant for both passenger and commercial cars. They are manufactured with the latest technologies fulfilling requirements for the OEM parts. The production process is carried out according to all safety regulations.



OEM: 316274680R, 43 20 064 68R, 43 20 099 41R, 43 20 232 59R, 43 20 266 17R, 4400428821, 46892, 60 01 550 811, 77 00 428 821, 77 00 827 866, 77 00 839 322, 77 01 204 836, 7700428821, 82 00 243 735, 82 00 672 836,
Brembo: 14 7255 10
Bosch: 0 204 113 671
Ferodo: FDR329114
ATE: 24 0220 3012 1
Zimmermann: -
Febi: -
LPR: -
Fremax: -
TRW: DB4214
Textar: 94019500
A.B.S: 2698-S

Rotinger brake discs are the result of advanced cutting technology. High quality and attractive design attracts the attention of all tuning enthusiasts. Efficient design ensures reduced braking distance, braking gas emissions and improves cooling properties. Rotinger offers a wide range of brake discs for most cars. Depending on the personal choice, the customer can choose from up to 7 possible types of brake discs. Simple (without drilling and grooving), Slotted, Drilled and combinations thereof. Attractive slots were designed in a carefully thoughtful way. Their design ensures efficient brake pads cleaning and less turbulence of the braking dust. The original Rotinger brake disc is the result of years of research and under no circumstances can it be copied to other brake discs. Each new pattern is tested under extreme conditions in which its quality and operational safety are confirmed. Offering 1400 kinds of brake discs for more than 95% of the cars on the market. The entire manufacturing process meets all safety standards and quality standards. ISO / TS 16949: 2009, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 certificates confirm the quality of the products and the Rotinger process. Rotinger offers Tuning series and High performance brake discs. Both types can be ordered in Graphite Line design and drilled design. 

Tuning series offers excellent anti-corrosion protection combined with an attractive design that will appeal to every fan of sports brake discs. Effective styling significantly reduces the braking distance and greatly helps to drain gases when braking. Ventilation areas ensure optimal cooling of the brake disc.


Rotinger High Performance, brake discs enriched with carbon compounds and innovative anti-corrosion protection. Increased carbon content ensures better thermal distribution, lower temperature changes and resistance to deformation of the disc under heavy braking. Thermal strain is one of the most common problems of today's vehicles, which leads to unpleasant vibrations during braking. Unique design combined with a carbon structure ensures high braking performance under all conditions.

MarkModelTypeYearPower kw/HP
DACIALOGAN (LS_)1.2 16V (LS1N, LS02, BS02)2006/02-55 (75)
DACIALOGAN (LS_)1.4 (LSOA, LSOC, LSOE, LSOG)2004/09-55 (75)
DACIALOGAN (LS_)1.4 MPI LPG (LS0C)2006/02-2012/1255 (75)
DACIALOGAN (LS_)1.5 dCi (LS0J, LS0Y)2005/09-48 (65)
DACIALOGAN (LS_)1.5 dCi (LS0K)2006/01-2012/1250 (68)
DACIALOGAN (LS_)1.5 dCi (LS0W)2007/09-2011/1263 (86)
DACIALOGAN (LS_)1.6 (LSOB, LSOD, LSOF, LSOH)2004/09-64 (87)
DACIALOGAN (LS_)1.6 16V (LS09, LS0L, LS0M, LS0P, LS0V, LS18, LS1S, LS1V,...2006/02-77 (105)
DACIALOGAN (LS_)1.6 Bifuel2010/05-62 (84)
DACIALOGAN (LS_)1.6 MPI 852010/05-62 (84)
DACIALOGAN EXPRESS (FS_)1.42009/03-55 (75)
DACIALOGAN EXPRESS (FS_)1.62009/03-64 (87)
DACIALOGAN MCV (KS_)1.42007/02-55 (75)
DACIALOGAN MCV (KS_)1.6 (KS0B, KS0D, KS0F)2007/02-2013/0664 (87)
DACIALOGAN MCV (KS_)1.6 16V (KS0L, KS0M, KS0P, KS1S)2007/02-77 (105)
RENAULT19 II Cabriolet (D53_, 853_)1.8 (D53V, 853F, D53C)1994/07-1996/0679 (107)
RENAULT19 II Chamade (L53_)1.7 (L533)1993/01-1995/0868 (92)
RENAULT19 II Chamade (L53_)1.7 (L53B)1992/04-1995/1254 (73)
RENAULT19 II Chamade (L53_)1.7 (L53C)1992/04-1995/1266 (90)
RENAULT19 II Chamade (L53_)1.8 (L53V, L538)1994/05-1995/1279 (107)
RENAULT19 II Hatchback Van (S53_)1.9 dT1992/03-1995/1268 (92)
RENAULTCLIO I (B/C57_, 5/357_)1.9 D1997/01-1998/0940 (54)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.2 (BB0A, BB0F, BB10, BB1K, BB28, BB2D, BB2H, CB0A,...1998/09-2010/0243 (58)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.2 16V (BB05, BB0W, BB11, BB27, BB2T, BB2U, BB2V, CB05,...2001/06-2016/0855 (75)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.2 LPG (BB0A, CB0A)1999/03-2001/0544 (60)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.2 LPG1998/09-2009/0643 (58)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.4 (B/CB0C, B/CB0S)1998/09-2005/0555 (75)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.4 16V (B/CB0L)1999/10-2004/0970 (95)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.4 16V (B/CB0P, BB13)2000/02-2008/0772 (98)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.5 dCi (B/CB03)2001/06-2003/1059 (80)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.5 dCi (B/CB07)2001/06-2009/0748 (65)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.5 dCi (B/CB08)2001/06-2005/0460 (82)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.5 dCi (B/CB3M)2005/06-2010/1247 (64)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.5 dCi2001/06-2006/1242 (57)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.6 (B/CB0D, BB00)1998/09-2005/0566 (90)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.6 16V (BB01, BB0H, BB0T, BB14, BB1D, BB1R, BB2KL, BB3G...1998/09-2005/0479 (107)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.6 16V1999/03-2008/1282 (112)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.9 D (B/CB0E, BB0J)1998/09-2005/0547 (64)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.9 D (B/CB0J)2000/02-2001/0548 (65)
RENAULTCLIO II (BB_, CB_)1.9 dTi (B/CB0U)1999/12-2005/0559 (80)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.2 (SB0A, SB0F, SB10)1999/03-2003/1044 (60)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.2 (SB0A, SB0F, SB1K, SB2D)1998/09-43 (58)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.5 dCi (SB07)2001/06-48 (65)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.5 dCi2001/06-2004/1059 (80)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.5 dCi2003/11-60 (82)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.5 dCi2004/04-50 (68)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.6 (SB0H)2003/11-79 (107)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.9 D (SB0E)1998/09-47 (64)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.9 D (SB0J)2000/02-2001/0548 (65)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.9 D (SB0R)1999/03-2000/0140 (54)
RENAULTCLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_)1.9 DTi (SB0U)2000/02-2001/0559 (80)
RENAULTLOGAN I (LS_)1.42004/09-55 (75)
RENAULTLOGAN I (LS_)1.5 dCi2006/04-2013/1048 (65)
RENAULTLOGAN I (LS_)1.5 dCi2007/04-50 (68)
RENAULTLOGAN I (LS_)1.5 dCi2008/02-2015/0663 (86)
RENAULTLOGAN I (LS_)1.6 (LS0L, LS09, LS0V, LS0P, LS18, LS1S, LS1V, LS1Y,...2007/04-2013/1077 (105)
RENAULTLOGAN I (LS_)1.62004/09-64 (87)
RENAULTLOGAN I Estate (KS_)1.6 (KS0L, KS0M, KS0P, KS1S)2007/04-77 (105)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.4 16V (BA0D, BA1H, BA0W, BA10)1999/03-2003/0870 (95)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.4 Eco (BA0T)1996/01-1999/0352 (71)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.4 e (BA0E, BA0V)1996/01-2003/0855 (75)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.6 16V (BA04, BA0B, BA11, BA1J, BA16, BA19, BA1K, BA1V,...1999/03-2002/0879 (107)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.6 LPG1995/08-1999/0366 (90)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.6 LPG2000/10-2002/0880 (109)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.6 e (BA0F, BA0S)1996/01-1999/0366 (90)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.6 i (BA0L)1996/01-1999/0355 (75)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.9 D1996/04-2001/0269 (94)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.9 D Eco (BA0A, BA0U, BA0R)1996/01-2003/0847 (64)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.9 TDI1996/09-2003/0869 (94)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.9 dCi (BA05, BA1F)2001/02-2003/0875 (102)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.9 dT (B/SA0K, B/SA0Y)1996/01-2003/0866 (90)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.9 dTi (BA08, BA0N)1997/03-2001/0272 (98)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)1.9 dTi (BA1U)2001/02-2003/0859 (80)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)2.0 i (BA0G)1996/01-2003/0884 (114)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)2.0 i1999/03-2003/0880 (109)
RENAULTMEGANE I (BA0/1_)21998/05-2001/0585 (115)
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet (EA0/1_)1.4 16V (EA0D, EA1H, EA0W, EA10)1999/03-2003/0870 (95)
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet (EA0/1_)1.6 16V (EA04, EA0B, EA11, EA1J)1999/03-2003/0779 (107)
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet (EA0/1_)1.6 e (EA0F)1996/10-1999/0366 (90)
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet (EA0/1_)2.0 (EA0G)1997/04-2003/0884 (114)
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet (EA0/1_)2.0 i (EA0G)1999/03-2003/0880 (109)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.4 (LA0E, LA0V)1996/09-2003/0855 (75)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.4 16V (LA0D, LA1H, lA0W, LA10)1999/03-2003/0870 (95)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.6 16V (LA00, LA04, LA0B, LA11, LA16, LA19, LA1J, LA1K,...1999/03-2003/0779 (107)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.62000/02-2000/0964 (87)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.6 e (LA0F, LA0S)1996/09-1999/0366 (90)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.6 i (LA0L)1996/09-1999/0355 (75)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.9 D (LA0A, LA0U, LA0R)1996/09-2003/0847 (64)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.9 TDI1996/09-2003/0869 (94)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.9 dCi (LA05)1999/03-2003/0777 (105)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.9 dCi (LA05, LA1F)2001/02-2003/0875 (102)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.9 dT (LA0K, LA0Y)1996/09-2003/0866 (90)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.9 dTi (LA08, LA0N)1997/03-2001/0272 (98)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)1.9 dTi (LA1U)2001/02-2003/0859 (80)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)2.0 RT1996/10-1999/02112 (152)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)2.0 RT2001/03-2003/08103 (140)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)2.0 i (LA07, LA0G)1996/09-2003/0884 (114)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)2.0 i (LA0G)1999/03-2003/0880 (109)
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)21998/05-2001/0585 (115)
RENAULTMEGANE I Coach (DA0/1_)1.4 16V (DA0D, DA1H, DA0W, DA10)1999/03-2003/0770 (95)
RENAULTMEGANE I Coach (DA0/1_)1.6 16V (DA0B, DA04, DA11)1999/03-2003/0779 (107)
RENAULTMEGANE I Coach (DA0/1_)1.6 e (DA0F)1996/03-1999/0366 (90)
RENAULTMEGANE I Coach (DA0/1_)1.9 DCi1999/03-2000/0977 (105)
RENAULTMEGANE I Coach (DA0/1_)1.9 dCi (DA05, DA1F)2001/02-2003/0875 (102)
RENAULTMEGANE I Coach (DA0/1_)1.9 dTi (DA0N)1997/03-2001/0272 (98)
RENAULTMEGANE I Coach (DA0/1_)2.0 i (DA0G)1996/03-2003/0884 (114)
RENAULTMEGANE I Coach (DA0/1_)2.0 i1999/03-2003/0880 (109)
RENAULTMEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_)1.9 dCi (KA05, KA1F)2001/02-2003/0875 (102)
RENAULTMEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_)1.9 dTi (KA1U)2001/02-2003/0859 (80)
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic (JA0/1_)2.0 i (JA0G)1997/01-1999/0984 (114)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.2 16V2002/04-55 (75)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.4 (LB17)2000/05-2009/0272 (98)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.4 16V2000/08-72 (98)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.42000/08-55 (75)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.5 dCi2001/06-2009/0260 (82)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.5 dCi2002/04-48 (65)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.5 dCi2003/02-50 (68)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.5 dCi2004/04-2009/1158 (79)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.5 dCi2005/06-47 (64)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.6 16V2000/07-2009/0279 (107)
RENAULTTHALIA I (LB_)1.9 D1998/02-2001/0548 (65)
RENAULTTHALIA II (LU_)1.2 16V (LU2V)2008/09-2014/0655 (75)
RENAULTTHALIA II (LU_)1.42008/09-2014/0655 (75)
RENAULTTHALIA II (LU_)1.5 dCi2008/09-47 (64)
RENAULTTHALIA II (LU_)1.5 dCi2008/09-62 (85)
RENAULTTHALIA II (LU_)1.5 dCi2009/01-48 (65)
RENAULTTHALIA II (LU_)1.6 16V2008/09-77 (105)
RENAULTTWINGO I (C06_)1.2 (C066, C068)1996/05-2007/0643 (58)
RENAULTTWINGO I (C06_)1.2 16V (C060)2004/08-2007/0644 (60)
RENAULTTWINGO I (C06_)1.2 16V (C06C, C06D, C06K)2001/01-2007/0655 (75)
RENAULTTWINGO I (C06_)1.2 LPG2003/10-2007/0644 (60)
RENAULTTWINGO I Hatchback Van (S06_)1.2 (S066, S068)1996/05-2004/0843 (58)

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