Front limited slip differential KAAZ (LSD) 1.5WAY MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION, CN9A 4G63, 96.09-


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Limited slip differential KAAZ

Cam: 1.5WAY


Engine:  4G63

Grade:  Ⅳ(GSR/RS)

Year:  96.09-

Gearbox: MT

Factory Diff: Helical/Open

Kaaz gear oil included. 


Difference between 1.5 and 2 way LSD?

The 1.5 way is similar to 2 way LSD but does provide less lock on deceleration. With optimum performance during acceleration and also with soft lock when slowing down, it is best for classic road racing.


The 2 way LSD is designed to have max lock during acceleration and deceleration. This type of limited slip diff provides great control during late-breaking scenarios where the vehicle is actually slowed down during the apex rather then traditional braking which is applied before entering or during the apex.  For drifting the 2 way is most beneficial for shift locking and very aggressive transitions. The 2 way lsd is designed to keep the rear in sideways motion even during shifting.


Difference between standard and Super-Q LSD?

Super-Q version means that the plates have received a WPC treatment to ensure they are super smooth.



The best transition of power to the wheels since 1922 is proided by KAAZ, wich offers a wide range of LSDs for different cars. In the offer of 1.5 and 2 way differentials for drifting or circuit racing. Mechanical lamellar differentials provide 35-100% locking. Replacing an OEM open diff for LSD ensures the best performance and traction.


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