Main bearings King Racing for Engines: VQ20DE, VQ25DE, VQ25DET, VQ30DE, VQ30DET, VQ35DE.




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High quality King racing main bearings  Nissan engines VQ20DE, VQ25DE, VQ25DET, VQ30DE, VQ30DET, VQ35DE. 


Before ordering please choose the exact bearing type:


MB4058XP -STD - standard (no oversize)

MB4058XP.025 - 0,025

MB4058XP0.25 - oversize 0,25



Bearing Dimensions






Crankshaft dimmension






Creep bearings than the original







Weight: .282kg

ComponentM4058U-PR / M4058L-PR
Min Crankshaft Diameter2.360 inch / 59.95mm
Max Crankshaft Diameter2.361inch / 59.97mm
Min Housing Diameter2.519 inch / 63.99 mm
Max Housing Diameter2.520 inch / 64.02 mm
Bearing Length0.792 inch / 20.12 mm
Max Wall Thickness0.000 inch / 0.00 mm

Technical information (dimensions) Bearings Here



  • Nissan Maxima A32 - motor: Nissan VQ30DE 2988cc V6 DOHC 4v (1995.01 - )
  • Nissan Maxima J32 - motor: Nissan VQ25DE 2495cc V6 DOHC 4v (2000.01 - )
  • Nissan Maxima J32 - motor: Nissan VQ35DE 3498cc V6 DOHC 4v
  • motor: Nissan VQ20DE 1995cc V6 DOHC 4v
  • motor: Nissan VQ30DET 2988cc V6 DOHC 4v Turbo
  • motor: Nissan VQ25DET 2495cc V6 DOHC 4v Turbo
  • Nissan Maxima A33 - motor: Nissan VQ30DE 2988cc V6 DOHC 4v
  • Nissan Murano Z50 - motor: Nissan VQ35DE 3498cc V6 DOHC 4v
  • Nissan Murano Z51 - motor: Nissan VQ35DE 3498cc V6 DOHC 4v
  • Nissan Maxima J31 - motor: Nissan VQ35DE 3498cc V6 DOHC 4v
  • Nissan 350Z Z33 - motor: Nissan VQ35DE 3498cc V6 DOHC 4v


King Engine Bearings was Founded in 1960 has earned a reputation as a leading developer, manufacturer and OEM partner for proven quality engine bearings. Today the company supplies products for OEM (aviation and automotive), as well as automotive aftermarket, agricultural and racing applications. Specializing in engine bearings for over 50 years, King’s manufacturing facilities produce conrod bearings, crankshaft main bearings, thrust washers and bushes.

The company is renowned as a leading developer of production technologies, metallurgic processes and innovative anti-friction materials. King’s new Racing line combines performance engine bearings with ground-breaking geometric and metallurgical features.

Visit King Engine Bearings at:

King is certified by the highest quality standards of the automotive and aerospace industries including:

ISO/TS 16949:2009 (Automotive) – certified by NQA

ISO/AS 9100 (Aerospace) – certified by NQA

ISO 9001:2008 – certified by IQNET

INMETRO Brazil – certified by SGS

FAA United States (Federal Aviation Administration)

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